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Does Vons Sell Stamps?

Vons, a well-known supermarket chain, is often a convenient one-stop shop for all of your household needs. However, when it comes to purchasing postage stamps, many customers may wonder if Vons sells them.

Understanding the importance of providing comprehensive services, Vons has made it a priority to offer a variety of products, including postage stamps, to accommodate their customers’ diverse needs. Whether it’s for mailing a letter, shipping a package, or simply adding to a stamp collection, Vons aims to provide convenience and accessibility to its customers.

In this article, we will explore the availability of postage stamps at Vons stores, discussing the locations where they can be purchased, the types of stamps available, and any additional related services provided. By the end of this read, you will have a clear understanding of whether or not Vons sells stamps, and if so, how to easily obtain them during your next visit to the supermarket.

About Vons

Vons, a familiar sight in Southern California and Las Vegas, isn’t just your average grocery store. Founded in 1906, it boasts a rich history woven into the fabric of everyday life. Beyond aisles stocked with fresh produce and household essentials, Vons offers convenience with pharmacy counters, fuel stations, and even grocery pickup and delivery options. Its loyalty program, Vons for U, sweetens the deal with personalized deals, rewards, and birthday treats.

But Vons is more than just groceries; it’s a community hub, a place where neighbors exchange smiles over bakery delights and friendly cashiers make everyday errands feel familiar. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or a newcomer, Vons welcomes you with open aisles and a promise of quality, convenience, and perhaps even a touch of hometown charm.

Does Vons Sell Stamps?

The short answer is yes, Vons does sell postage stamps. Most locations will have a small selection available in the customer service area or at the register. This makes it convenient to purchase stamps when you are already grocery shopping instead of making an extra stop at the post office. 

Vons offers a relatively limited selection of the most common types of stamps that customers tend to purchase. You can typically find books of 1st class stamps, postcard stamps, and international stamps. Depending on the location, availability may be limited.

Does Vons Sell Stamps
Does Vons Sell Stamps

What Types of Stamps Does Vons Sell?

Here are the main types of stamps you can expect to find at Vons:

  •  Forever Stamps: These 1st class letter stamps can be used to mail letters no matter when you purchase them, even if prices increase in the future. Vons will carry books of 20 or 100 forever stamps.
  • Postcard Stamps: These are meant specifically for mailing standard rectangular postcards domestically. Vons sells these in books of 10 or 20 stamps.
  • Global Stamps: For sending 1 oz letters internationally, Vons has global stamps in books of 20. These can be used in any foreign country. 
  • Additional Denominations: Some stores may also have books of 5 or 10 of the additional ounce stamps for heavier letters or small packages.

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How to Get Stamps at Vons

Purchasing stamps at Vons is easy. You can pick them up at the customer service desk or sometimes at the main registers. Let the cashier know you need stamps and specify what type and quantity you need. It’s helpful to know beforehand the denominations so you get exactly what you need and don’t have to open packages after purchase.

How Much Do Vons Stamps Cost?

Stamp prices at Vons will align with standard USPS postage rates. As of 2022, here are the typical costs:

  • Forever Stamps: 55 cents each when purchased in a book  
  • Postcard Stamps: 44 cents each in a booklet
  • Global Stamps: $1.40 each in a booklet

The total cost will depend on the quantity you buy. Vons does not charge any additional fees or premiums above the face value of the stamps.

Where Can I Find Vons Stamps?

Most Vons locations keep stamps at the customer service desk. This is usually located at the front of the store near the registers. There will often be a small display with books of stamps to choose from. 

Some stores may also have a second location at certain registers where you can also ask the cashier for stamps. If you don’t immediately see them, just ask any employee for help finding and purchasing stamps.

Are Vons Stamps a Good Deal?

Buying stamps at Vons can be a good way to save yourself a trip to the post office if you are already shopping there. The prices are the standard USPS rates so you won’t pay more than you would elsewhere. 

One advantage of Vons is you can use your Vons club card to earn gas points or other rewards when you purchase stamps. If you have a coupon for Vons, you can sometimes use this on stamp purchases too.

The only downside is that selection is limited. If you need a very specific stamp, unusual denomination, or sheet stamp, you would need to go to the post office instead. But for basic letter mail needs, Vons stamps offer a quick and convenient option without going out of your way.


Vons does sell postage stamps at most locations for customer convenience. The selection includes popular options like forever, postcards, and global stamps in booklet form. Simply visit the customer service desk or ask a cashier when checking out to purchase what you need. Stamp prices align with current USPS rates.

So if you are already shopping at Vons, picking up stamps there can save you an extra errand.

FAQs – Does Vons Sell Stamps

 Where Can I Find Vons Stores Near Me?

You can use the Vons store locator on their website to find the nearest Vons store in your area.

Besides Stamps, what other Products can I Find at Vons?

Apart from stamps, Vons stores offer a variety of products including groceries, frozen food, bakery items, dairy products, and pharmaceutical services at their pharmacy.

Do Vons Stores also Sell Food Stamps or Accept EBT?

No, Vons does not sell food stamps but they do accept EBT for eligible purchases.

Is Vons Owned by Safeway Inc?

Yes, Vons is a supermarket chain owned by Safeway Inc.

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