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Does Fred Meyer Sell Stamps?

Fred Meyer is a popular supermarket chain located primarily in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. With over 130 stores across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, Fred Meyer offers customers a one-stop shopping experience for groceries, apparel, home goods, and more. In this blog post, we’ll explore the question “Does Fred Meyer sell stamps?” and provide an in-depth look at buying postage at Fred Meyer stores.

What is Fred Meyer?

Fred Meyer is a giant in the Pacific Northwest, serving as a one-stop shopping haven for residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Imagine a grocery superstore on steroids: under its roof, you’ll find aisles laden with fresh produce, meat, and pantry staples, alongside pharmacies, banks, clothing departments, home improvement supplies, electronics, and even restaurants. 

This “hypermarket” concept, pioneered by founder Fred G. Meyer in 1922, revolutionized shopping convenience, letting you tackle your grocery list, grab new shoes, and pick up a birthday gift all in one trip. 

Owned by Kroger since 1998, Fred Meyer remains a beloved local brand, known for its competitive prices, wide selection, and commitment to community involvement. So, if you’re ever in the Pacific Northwest and need anything from a gallon of milk to a new lawnmower, Fred Meyer is sure to have you covered.

Does Fred Meyer Sell Stamps?

Yes, Fred Meyer does sell stamps at most locations. Stamps can be purchased individually or in booklets right at the customer service desk. The Fred Meyer stamp selection includes first-class postage, international postage, and postcard stamps. Specialty stamps like holiday designs are also usually available.

Fred Meyer began selling stamps a few decades ago as a convenience to customers who could then fulfill all their errand needs in one visit. The supermarket keeps a stock of the most commonly used stamps on hand so customers don’t have to make an extra stop at the post office.

Where Can I Find Stamps at Fred Meyer?

Stamps are sold at the customer service counter at most Fred Meyer stores. Simply head to the front of the store where customer service is located and ask the representative for the stamps you need. The stamps are displayed on a rack right at the customer service desk.

If your local Fred Meyer has a postal center inside the store, the stamps will be sold directly at the postal counter. The postal center allows customers to mail packages, buy money orders, and take care of other post office tasks inside Fred Meyer for added convenience.

Either at customer service or in the postal center, Fred Meyer employees can point you toward the stamp selection and sell you the exact amount you need. Purchasing stamps at Fred Meyer is quick and easy.

What Types of Stamps Does Fred Meyer Sell?

Fred Meyer offers all the basic stamp types that customers regularly need. This includes:

  • First Class Mail Stamps: The standard Forever stamps for sending 1 oz letters and postcards within the United States. Forever stamps are always equal to the current first-class mail 1 oz price.
  • International Stamps: Denominations like Global Forever stamps for sending 1 oz letters internationally to other countries.
  • Postcard Stamps: Designated stamps for mailing postcards domestically.
  • Additional Ounce Stamps: Extra ounce stamps to add to envelopes over 1 oz.
  • Specialty Stamps: Holiday and commemorative stamp designs.

The denominations and selection vary slightly by location, but Fred Meyer strives to keep a variety of the most popular stamps on hand for customer convenience.

Does Fred Meyer Sell Stamps Online?

Unfortunately, Fred Meyer does not currently sell stamps through their website or mobile app. Stamps are only available for purchase in-store at the customer service desk or postal center.

Fred Meyer does allow you to order other products online and pick them up in-store. But stamps must be purchased in person during your visit. The supermarket chain has not expanded stamps to online ordering at this time.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Fred Meyer?

The cost of stamps at Fred Meyer is the same as buying them directly through the United States Postal Service. So a book of 20 Forever First Class stamps would cost $11.60, equal to the current 58 cents price for a 1 oz letter.

International and postcard stamps are also sold at face value. Fred Meyer does not add any additional charges or fees to USPS stamp pricing. The prices fluctuate when the Postal Service implements its standard rate changes.


Fred Meyer provides a convenient option for busy customers to purchase stamps while grocery shopping and running other errands. With a wide selection of first-class, international, postcard, and specialty stamps available right at the customer service desk, Fred Meyer is a reliable source for all your postage needs. 

Though stamps cannot be ordered online, they are readily available in-store with standard USPS pricing. So next time you need stamps for letters and packages, remember you can easily pick them up during your regular Fred Meyer trip.

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